Instruments and Inventions

Mario Maccaferri, heir of the eclectic spirit of Mozzani, during his long career managed to influence the musical, guitarist and also industrial environment. Guitarist, luthier, performer, entrepreneur and inventor with his ideas (many of which were patented), left a deep imprint of his personality.


Mario Maccaferri

 Luthier, classical guitarist, businessman, and inventor. The Story of Selmer Maccaferri Guitars.

Biography and Timeline

An extended timeline incorporating biographical and business events

Selmer-Maccaferri Guitars

Focused on the D-sound hole “grande bouche” instruments built between 1932-1934.

Mastro Plastic Instruments

Everything from Accessories, Amplifiers, Beatles Instruments, G30/G40 Guitars and of course Ukuleles. Original images, pricing and vintage advertising.


In 1935 Mario Maccaferri opened MASIM in Paris France to manufacture reeds for clarinets and saxophones. In 1939 the machines were shipped from Paris to New York and French American Reeds Manufacturing Company was born

Plastic Clothespin

The plastic reed was just the beginning of Mario’s career in the plastics industry.


Maccaferri sought to integrate the plastics and musical world to a greater degree with the invention of a plastic instrument. The first plastic instrument Mario tried was the plastic ukulele.

Plastic Innovations

Dozens of patents and his invention of the Uniform Melt Extractor, the forerunner to today’s injection molding plasticating unit. Designed and produced the first 8-track cassette housing in his early 70's.

Lutherie-Guitars Mandolins, Cellos, and Violins

Focused on the wooden instruments produced from his early work with Mozzani to later projects with Monteleone

Plastic Violin

The culmination of a lifetime of experience and experimentation. His final project that led to Carnegie Hall.

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