1920’s Classical Guitar by Mario Maccaferri

"This guitar screams of the early influence the Master Luthier Luigi Mozzani had on his talented pupil..made in Cento Italy, one can see in the shape of the headstock and the heel of the neck, the Selmer/Maccaferri guitar to be born..the elongated bridge with compensated saddles, the "grafted" headstock.. it is made of solid Chesnut back and sides, solid european Spruce top,and what could be a Walnut neck with an Ebony fingerboard. the guitar has no cracks and the original finish remains, now fitted with a beautiful set of Irving Sloane classical tuners.. the sound is lively, well balanced, and a pleasure to play.. it is the first and only original Classical guitar made by Mario Maccaferri i have ever had in 40 years.. NHSC NOT FOR SALE"