1926-Violin By Mario Maccaferri

Produced: 1926

Serial Number: N/A


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Violin by Mario Maccaferri 1926, Italian Luthier 1900-1993

The one piece back of maple of strong medium curl slightly descending across the back from the bass down towards the treble flank.  The ribs, peg box and scroll of similar curl.  The two piece front of spruce of medium grain.  The varnish of a warm amber orange-brown colour on a yellow ground.

Label Reads:

MARIO MACCAFERRI, Fece a CENTO Anno 1926, (signed in ink) Mario Maccaferri

  • Length of back 358 mm
  • Width upper bout 164 mm
  • Width centre bout 111 mm
  • Width lower bout 207 mm