1927 Maccaferri 4/4 Violin

Dated 1927 Mario Maccaferri full size violin. 2 piece back. Came from an estate in Leadville, Colorado.Label reads: Mario Maccaferri / Fece a Cento Anno 1927.Length of back: 14 inches.Full length of violin = 23 1/2 inches.I see no signs of repairs, and it appears to have its original finish.This violin is in very good condition: there are no cracks, and no separations at the seems. There are some scratches and general wear from age and use, but nothing major. This is a beautiful violin.This violin is not set up for play--it's just as I found it.

Produced: 1927

Serial Number: N/A


Details are lacking on this instrument.  Provenance is lacking.