1932 7-string Hawaiian, converted to 6-string Serial Number 150

Translation: Hawaiian guitar SELMER Maccaferri, pat. n° 10431, six-string "Hawaiian" model, n° 150 made around 1932, with its resonator. Modified fingerboard, bridge, nut and mustaches not original. Four fine repaired and visible table breaks, small cracks repaired on the edges of the key. Stringed up for playing. In a case. Soren Venema Palm Guitars Collection. R

Produced: 1932

Serial No: 150


On November 5, 2022, several emblematic instruments from his collection will be dispersed, reflecting the eclecticism of his tastes and the extent of his expertise. Among these models, beautiful Selmer guitars will offer us testimony to Søren Venema’s passion for Django Reinhardt. The opportunity for us to return to the history of these emblematic instruments designed by Maccaferri…:




 See image listed as lot #80. 

Estimate: €5,000/6,000

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September 2018

At some point prior to the auction the guitar was visible on the  for sale at 


“A rare selmer hawaiian guitar in original condition,with internal wooden resonator made in paris in 1932, a superb sounding hawaiian guitar.see pictures for details. the inner resonator, when functioning properly. really adds to the sound! it has .as a slant at each side of the fretboard to facilitate single string playingon the outer strings.”