1932-7-string Hawaiian model with resonator Serial Number 137

Translation: Hawaiian guitar by SELMER MACCAFERRI, n°137 from 1936. Hawaiian model with seven strings (String nut changed to six strings) with its resonator. A small table slot on the back of the bridge on the treble side. Small chip of a few millimeters on the veneer rosewood back and small lack in the net. Original tuners and tailpiece accompanied by two easels. A slightly twisted mechanism. Usage marks, varnish wear. In its original case in good condition. Scale length: 640mm. Nut spacing: 54 mm Reference taken from the list of SELMER guitar numbers on the notebooks of workshops and reproduced in the book "The history of SELMER MACCAFERRI guitars by Francois Charles. The patent number registered on the head veneer under the number 10431 would tend to think that this guitar could have been produced before July 1932. Indeed from this date the final patent number will be 376338. Paris 1936. The instrument is accompanied by the original Hawaiian guitar method by Ginot BORDIN (copyright 1935) in good condition and its corresponding accessories to those given in the method, block and accessories for the fingers. Ginot BORDIN was one of the masters of the Hawaiian game at the time.

Produced: 1932

Serial No: 137


Originally 7 string modified to be 6 string

Listed for auction on 16 May 2020, by Vichy Enchères, France, as per full page advert in May/June issue of “Acoustic Guitar” magazine, pre-auction estimate €6,500