1932-7 String Selmer Modèle Hawainne- Serial Number 152

this is truly an extraordinary instrument, with an extraordinary life.. I will never attempt to upstage Stan Jay when it comes to diatribe..he is the uncontested master of it.. and so I will try to make it short and sweet.. only a handfull of these were ever built, and this one has traveled very well in time.. it surfaced in the hands of an old gypsy in the Swiss Alps... how about that Stan..???!!! when I got it, it was set up Spanish... proving that one does not need a cutaway to play gypsy music... it is now set up Hawaiian.. but with a simple switch of bridge, tailpiece and nut, the guitar becomes a perfectly suitable six string instrument... I will of course provide all the bits necessary.. the tailpiece holes line up perfectly with the original ones, making it a breeze.. the guitar in both settings, sounds like a Church on sunday morning at 11am... NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

Produced: 1932

Serial No: 152