1932-Concert Harpe model​ with 3 extra bass strings-Serial Number 275

Selmer Maccaferri Concert Model Harp Guitar (1932), made in Paris, France, serial # 275, natural laquer re- finish, mahogany body, spruce top, original brown hard shell case.
Today we have a Selmer Maccaferri Concert Harp Guitar they was previously owned by Mario Maccaferri. Made in Paris it dates from 1932. Possibly only around 12 of these were produced. It was restored by Marcel Dupont and was the personal instrument of Mario Maccaferri. The 3-segment saddle was his specification. The original case has steamship stickers from the Isle De France.

Produced: 1932

Serial No: 275


“Previously owned by Mario Maccaferri” and illustrated in the for sale section of www.retrofret.com .

For sale as of May 2021 for $25,000.00