1932 Espagnole/Classique-Serial Number 216

This guitar is extraordinary in many ways, and puzzling in so many other ways.. The # 216 entry on the Selmer log book is blank.. no model description or details of sale.. like so many other entries left blank for us to ponder..what is puzzling about this guitar is that it has the dimensions of the "Classique" although it has a label that says "Espagnole".. a trace of the possible inprint of a "reflector" belonging to the internal resonator.. but no sign of ever having one installed.. it has a rounded headstock, where they "decided" to eliminate the "stairstep" outline of the "Classique" and repositionned the Selmer brand to accomodate.. it sports the early patent number suggesting it having been built before July 1932..it has signs of having had at some point some sort of tailpiece.. even TWO sorts of tailpieces.. but yet not showing anywhere on the the guitar any signs of damage from those installations.. in 1933, Mario leaves the Selmer company, and the direction of the Atelier..during and after that period, a number of drastic changes are made..the internal resonator is abandonned, and models are modified, transformed, or simplified.. could this guitar be one of them.. today the guitar is set up with nylon strings as it was intented.. the sound is outstanding and the playability is spot on... the condition is superb.... making this example, albeit most "unusual", a truly extraordinary Selmer guitar..and most probably the best example of this "hybrid" model in existence anywhere.. HSC SOLD (BEST OF)

Produced: 1932

Serial No: 216