1932 Maccaferri 6 String Modified(Maurice Dupont) Selmer Modèle Hawainne-Francis Alfred Moerman-Serial Number N/A

This guitar belonged to Francis Alfred Moerman, and began it's life as a 7 string Hawaiian. when he came across the instrument, he fell in love with the outstanding sound of it.. years ago, he asked Maurice Dupont to create a cutaway, so the guitar would be more usable to him.. the work is so extraordinary, that it is simply undetectable.. if I did not know the story, I wouldn't have guessed it a conversion..the fingerboard was replaced and refretted. the resonator had been removed at an earlier time, and it lost it's serial number. this guitar is photographed on the cover of two his albums, and in several publicity shots NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

Produced: 1932

Serial No: N/A