1932 Maccaferri D-Hole Jazz Model-Serial Number 85

Where to begin..!!!! indeed the first thing say about this guitar is that it is in fact the first recorded serial # in the Selmer Log Book. does it mean it is the first one...??? possibly not, but then again they began with it..!!! another peculiar thing about it, is that it also bears an addtionnal number on the back of the headstock " 1050" not corresponding to any know other numbering scheme.. during the course of it's life, it was repaired of two top cracks and what looks like 4 tiny holes in a most qualified manner, by a most accomplished Luthier, utilizing the " flipot" method of laying in the cracks a sliver of spruce, thereby rendering the repairs almost invisible and then French polishing over, with the thinnest layer of lacquer. More recently, Maurice Dupont replaced the fingerboard, as it had been previously replaced with a "wrong" one. while doing this he also repaired some scrapes and "eruptions' on the back of the neck, and then sparingly finished it . the intentions have clearly been all along to do the absolute minimum possible, while doing what was needed. the guitar is ultimately in outstanding condition, and a most significant piece. the sound is perfectly balanced and projects quite well. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

Produced: 1932

Serial No: 85