1932 Maccaferri D Hole-Serial Number 163

Provenance.. Provenance..This guitar has quite a past.. it was brought to the US in the 50's,.. bought in Paris from Joseph Reinhardt, who ran an ad in the paper to sell it.. this is oral history.. no reason for me not to believe an elderly person who got it from his friend.. at some point, the top was deemed scratched enough to warrant a "protection"..a sticky paper was applied in the shape of a pickguard.. Now, it has a more recent version of a pickguard.. the top is whole underneath, and perfectly solid..the resonator is intact as well. it's label is uniquely placed on the inside of the reflector... the guitar truly plays and sounds great...with the original case..!!! OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

Produced: 1932

Serial No:163


November 2022

For sale at RetroFret Guitars for $39,500