1932 Selmer Orchestre Serial Number 093


Produced: 1932

Serial No: 093


Last seen in 2012.  Now for sale on Reverb for $51,389.03 or € 45.000. From the Netherlands by JWC(Tony Walker). 

Some of the best detail reference photos from an early Selmer.


An extremely rare and unique original 1932 Selmer Maccaferri with the extremely rare resonator and original guitar case in astounding condition! This guitar is one of the first hundred, and one of the first ten guitars with a registered serial number made by Selmer and overseen by Mario Maccaferri. The excellent condition combined with the original case and resonator makes this a dream piece.

The first year of production (1932) all Selmer guitars were exported to London for sale. This guitar has probably always remained in the UK. It has been owned by a family in Wales for 50 years after which the guitar came into the possession of Mr Tony Walker (founder of JWC Guitars) from where it is now offered from his personal guitar collection.

All parts are original. See also the special tailpiece which is also named in the famous Selmer book “the story of Selmer Maccaferri guitars” by Francois Charles. The headstock bears the patent number 10.431 which was only used on guitars built in the first year of production. Mario Maccaferri’s name is visible on both the headstock and the label. The guitar has never been worked on but was well looked afer all these years and is in great shape!

That this is a guitar with a resonator is extremely rare. The resonator was an idea of ​​Maccaferri but proved unpopular with guitarists and was often removed from the guitar. After Maccaferri left Selmer after two years, no guitars with resonators were made at all.

The condition of the guitar is excellent. The sound is amazing, consistent, lots of volume and beautifully balanced, just what a true Selmer guitar should sound like.”


–Reverb Listing as of 11/2022



SELMER “D” HOLE ORCHESTRE 24.05.1932 SERIAL NO.093 Posted on March 3, 2012 by admin A beautiful, fully intact guitar with resonator and a very rare tailpiece insert,as featured on the pre-100 serial numbered guitars made by Selmer. Purchased in the UK in May 2009 having been in the family in York for 40 years. A beatiful, rich and full sounding Slmer treasure.