1933 Maccaferri Jazz Model Grand Bouche-Owned by Louis Gallo-Serial Number 254

6 string with internal resonator. formerly owned by english guitarist LOUIS GALLO. this is a superlative instrument, being part of that initial batch of guitars that were send to London. For an instrument nearly 70 years old, it remains in exquisite condition, resting in it's beautiful original case. it has been refretted, and in the process, the fingerboard was thinned down. the dot markers are unoriginal, and there are some side dot makers added. At some point in it's life, the whole guitar was oversprayed. It still has the oversized clear plastic "pick protector" that can be seen on the 1972 cover picture of BMG, as well as the replaced bridge with a bone inset. Although the Selmer log states that this serial number was attributed to a 4 string, there is no definitive sign that this guitar was ever converted.. There have been numerous examples of serial number having been used twice and sometimes three times. This is likely one of those. It is in excellent condition without any cracks, and the sound is what sets this guitar apart.. making obvious why LOUIS GALLO chose to keep this guitar. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

Produced: 1933

Serial No: 254


Owned by Louis Gallo