1933 Orchestre, Serial Number 378

THE EDDY CHRISTIANI SELMER 378 !! In the past 20 years i had the privilage to work and restore many original Selmer guitars. Today a absolute historical Selmer/Macceferri D hole was presented to me. Owned by the famous Dutch guitar player and composer Eddy Christiani who passed away a while ago (1918-2016), and donated by him to the Dutch Hot club de France foundation. Maccaferri number 378. Pre war 1933. According to mr. Christiani he traded this guitar for a Gretch with Joseph Reinhardt. Members of the foundation are currently investigating and collecting proof to support this claim. A beautifull guitar. I made a quick analysis of the guitar. It still sounds great. For Dutch history a very valuable guitar. More information what will happen to the guitar will be clear in the nearby future. In the mean time i like to share some pictures with all of you who are Selmer fans.Thanks Flip and Melvin!

Produced: 1933

Serial No: 378


Left by Eddy Christiani to the Dutch Hot club de France foundation on his death in 2016; he claimed to have got it from Joseph Reinhardt, trading it for a Gretsch.

Shown on the Eimers Guitars Facebook page, 13 July 2017.

“The sound is open well balnced and responsive. Not all of these old guitars has such good sound.”-Eimers Guitars