1933 Selmer Maccaferri Orchestra model acoustic jazz guitar, Serial Number 271

1933 Selmer Maccaferri Orchestra model acoustic jazz guitar, ser. no. 271, bearing Maccaferri Patent no. 376.338 to the head, also with original internal sound hole resonator bearing the Maccaferri inscribed Selmer label; Back and sides: rosewood, minor hairline parting to centre seam; Table: spruce, hairline splits to the treble side in two places and a visible ripple to the table around the sound hole; Fretboard: ebony, missing position marker to fifth fret, seventh fret position marker replaced; Frets: generally good, refret; Hardware: appears original; Case: appears original, cut out section to the case pocket; Other: neck appears as though it has probably been reset with a straight join between the neck heel and rib and also a small ripple on the upper back; Overall condition: personal viewing essential *Selmer Maccaferri no. 271 is undocumented in any of the current records of surviving examples. The vendor has stated that this guitar has been within his family for as long as he can remember