1933 Selmer Orchestre Model, Serial Number 112

This is likely one of the best preserved ever first Batch Maccaferri Models that were shipped to the UK in the early thirties, It’s the original 6 string D model, and still holding the internal resonator. We don’t know the full history, but the last owner, a Englisch Guitarist, bought it 50 years ago in the UK, so we may assume it never left the UK. This is likely a unique Selmer considering the combination of originallity and condition. For an instrument nearly 80 years old, it’s in exceptionally fine condition, all original and holding original finish, original tuners, tailpiece, resonator, and as far as we can tell the original bridge and of course still holding the resonator. The playwear is next to minimal, and the overall condition of the Laquer is outstanding. The walnut neck doesn’t show pitting or dents, only some superficial playwear. There are no cracks anywhere and on top of all it sounds really wonderfull despite the fact it wasn’t played all that much for the last 50 years. It’s one of the very few early guitars holding the Original “Jazz” inscription on the label. The label also says this is number #112. The guitar comes in it’s original Pegamoid case with the Selmer Logo in the lining. The Selmer log mentions the number, but like most of the guitars, no specifics or dates. The headstock bears the patent number 10.431, this patent number was only used on guitars built in 1932. (post 1932 guitars bared patent number 376.338). Being a first year production guitar, also Mario Maccaferri’s name is still visible on both label and headstock. Later models came without the name as we all know. The condition of the guitar is exceptionall and except for some superficial playwear, on top the action is low, and the playabillity is wonderfull, and the guitar is very easy to play. This is a exceptional opportunity on a exceptional guitar in exceptional condition.

D-Hole Model Orchestre, Bj. 1933 in Top-Condition incl. the original internal Resonator.