1934 Maccaferri Orchestre Serial Number 350

This guitar belonged to Francis-Alfred Moerman, who, for many years carried the torch of Gadjo players.. a long time accompanist to Sarane Ferret, and his most fervent disciple. the guitar is from the generation of the Maccaferri without resonators.. the label reads model "Orchestre". over the course of it's life, it's had at least 3 different fingerboards, and has had some overspray, as well as several well repaired top cracks.. it is in perfect playing condition and the sound is tremendous.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

Produced: 1934

Serial No: 350

Comments: Belonged to Francis-Alfred Moerman.  Featured on page 145 of the Francois Charle Book.

No internal resonator

Note that this 1934 model does not yet have the “MMaccaferri” inked out on the label.  


Illustrated on p. 145 of “The Story of Selmer Maccaferri Guitars” (English edition);

Previously owned by Francis-Alfred Moerman, Sarane Ferret’s rhythm guitarist,

Listed and illustrated in the “sold” section of www.gypsyguitars.com as at February 2011.


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