1970’s Maurice Summerfield Selmer-Maccaferri Replicas

Mac. 1-Classical model

Mac. 2-Jazz/Folk model

Mac. 2.S-Jazz Oval Hole Model

Mac. 3-Jazz model with the soundbox

1981 (Mac10)Ibanez Produced Selmer-Maccaferri Replica

Produced by Ibanez distributed by CSL

MAC10 model produced by Ibanez from 1979 to 1983. The MAC10 featured numerous design improvements and sold for almost twice the price of the CSL model. In the later years of production Maccaferri became critical of the instruments quality and refused to sign the label.

Mario verbally committed to the design updates.  However after playing the models he retracted his endorsement.  Labels were signed by Maccaferri and then sent to Japan to be placed in the guitars.  Maccaferri stopped sending the labels due to the production quality. Only 440 MAC10s were produced.

Updates from original design:

-A 5 brace top (an extra brace was added between the soundhole and heel.
-A 4 brace back (the original Maccaferris only had three braces on the back
-A center spline on the back
-No zero fret
-A truss rod accessed from the headstock
-Large 16″ body (originals were 15 3/4″)

1982-1983 Maccaferri-Monteleone Collaboration (12 Guitars)

1985-1986 Violins

1985 (complete)

1985B (finished but lacking tailpiece and strings)

1985C (finished but lacking tailpiece and strings)

1986 Ultimo (finished but lacking tailpiece and strings)

1985 Cello

Produced around the same time as the violins from leftover wood.