1979 Ibanez Maccaferri Mac10, Serial Number 161

1979 Ibanez MAC10 12 Fret D Hole Guitar (Indian Rosewood Back and Sides) HSC. This is a rare and collectible Ibanez Mario Maccaferri signature model, designed under the direct supervision of Mario Macaferri and signed by him. We were able to compare the guitar to the original 1932 Signed Maccaferri and despite a great number of similarities, Mario Maccaferri developed new ideas over the years, and notably are the brilliantly constructed 4 piece top were the Selmer showed a slightly arched top- check out: 1932 Selmer number #112 we sold recently  

The condition of this guitar is Excellent and only shows 2 small dents in the upper bout, otherwise it is clean with only small traces of wear, with near perfect frets and with the original case. It sounds incredible. These guitars are quite legendary and likely among the most historical yet out there. This is a updated version of the original classic Maccaferri-Selmer guitar, redesigned by Mario Maccaferri himself featuring a 12 fret neck, 16”(original were 15 ¾ “) body width, 640mm (25.2”) scale, a unique solid spruce top that is ingeniously divided not in 2 halves, but in 4 quarters, to allow for a straight cornered-arch, laminated Indian Rosewood like the Selmer guitars, Mahogany neck, Unique “Maccaferri tailpiece”, 5 brace top, 4 brace back, center spline on the back, truss rod accessed from the headstock. The Ingenious and extremely High Quality of the Fine Instrument can also be found in the details, like the rosewood body, the 5-pl ebony-Maple purfling, the glued-on Selmer style neck construction allowing for more strenght and stronger tone, the colourfull Multi-wood Soundhole rosette, the quality Tuners.  

The history behind this legendary Ibanez all starts when Maurice Summerfield contracted Hoshino Gakki of Japan to build copies of the legendary Selmer Maccaferri guitar, These guitars were built by the Kiso Suzuki factory and sold under the brand name CSL. Only some 1300 of these CSL guitars were made. Later, Mario Maccaferri himself took interest in this project which resulted in the MAC10 model produced by Ibanez from 1979 to 1983. The MAC10 featured numerous design improvements and sold for almost twice the price of the CSL model. Only 440 signed MAC-10’s were produced. Thanks to Michael for the info’s on this historical guitar and it’s background.

Produced: 1979

Serial Number: 161


Puled from a web archive in 2011.