Selmer Modèle Concert

6 String Concert Model with Cutaway

A 6 String Classical guitar with internal resonator.  The concert model was the first model developed and relied heavily on Mario’s experience.

The internal resonator and D-Shaped sounds hole were designed to increase the volume and projection of the guitar in concert.  Mario believed at the time that the back pressed against the player reduced vibration and sound.  The internal resonator was free floating from the back of the guitar.

The internal resonator was not as effective in projecting sounds but helped provide more balanced tone.

Additional information


6 Strings (Gut\Nylon)



Sound hole

D-Hole, 6.10-2.75" (15.5-7cm)

Total frets


Frets clear of body



European Spruce (Romanian)

Back and Sides

Laminated Indian Rosewood


European Walnut

Overall Length

38.19" (97cm)

Length of body

18.5" (47cm)

Length of neck and head

19.69" (50cm)

Neck width at nut

1.97" (5cm)

Scale Length

25.2" (64cm)

Bridge Length

8.66" (22cm)

Body depth upper bout

3.7" (9.4cm)

Body depth lower bout

4.02" (10.2cm)