Mario Maccaferri, Concert Harp

Mario Maccaferri, Concert Harp Guitarist

Harp Guitar Player of the Month Article by Gregg Miner, May, 2007
UPDATED March, 2019

Note:  The original article is only available as an archive.  The original article was pulled to make way for a rewrite in 2021.,macc.htm


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Clarification on many of the more recent photos of Mario with harp guitars.  They were acquired from Mozzani workshop 1947-1951.

According to Mario’s friend, John Monteleone, Maccaferri acquired these five Mozzani harp guitars in the 1951 liquidation sale of the Mozzani workshop/school, which closed in 1947.  Michael Wright had believed that they were acquired on a return visit to Italy while Mozzani was still alive (which would have been pre-1943). The inventory of the sale listed 7 chitarra-lyra (no styles or models distinguished), and my suspicion is that Maccaferri indeed purchased five of these.  They were subsequently sold to collector Scott Chinery by Mario’s widow, and dispersed upon Chinery’s passing in 2002.  Regardless of the specifics, they were all Mozzani workshop instruments built after Maccaferri’s time (though he had built identical models himself, and knew every detail of their construction).  According to Monteleone, Maccaferri acknowledged that the clever Mozzani neck adjustment – he loved the floating neck – was nevertheless a problem in the long-term, due to the “design flaw” of mixing metal and wood.  He still held Mozzani’s instruments in the highest esteem.

— Gregg Miner, May, 2007, UPDATED March, 2019