Mastro Percussion

Model Number(s)TitleProduction Dates
1500 (841)Snare Drum1964-1969
CB-15 (864)Snare Drum Deluxe1966-1969
210 (713)Castanets1964-1969
510 (734)Bongo Small1964-1969
510MBongos and Maracas Set1964
620 (735)Bongos Large1964-1969
620MBongos and Maracas Set1964
MS-80 (752)Rhumba Maracas Gold1966-1969
MS-80 CS (701)Rhumba Maracas Woodgrain1966-1969
ML-82 (754)Bolero Maracas Gold1966-1969
ML-82 CS (703)Bolero Maracas Woodgrain1966-1969
M-84 (7524)Rhythm Maracas Set Gold1966-1969
M-84 CS (7013)Rhythm Maracas Set Woodgrain1966-1969
842Snare Deluxe1967-1969
863Cymbal Kit1967-1969
8413Deluxe Snare Drum Set1967-1969
8414Snare Drum Trap Set1967-1969