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Title Author(s) Volume / Edition / Language Publisher Publication Date Chapter / Page Numbers ISBN-10
The Story of Selmer Maccaferri Guitars Francois Charle French Edition R & F Charle January 1, 1992 2951351615
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Flattop Guitars 2: An American Lutherie Anthology

Anthology English Guild of American Luthiers September 2021 A Selmer PrimerPage 21 978-0-9968015-8-4

Journals and Magazines


Article Name of the journal Author(s) Month / Year Volume / Issue/ Page
Maccaferri’s Plastic Guitar-World’s First-Debuts at Waldorf The Music Trades Unknown May 1953 Page 17
Melt Extractor moves into new role-PREPLASTICATION Modern Plastics Albert Spaak October 1960
The Maccaferri Django’s Guitar Guitar Player Paul Shelasky April 1974 Page 18, 19 and 28
“there are no bad guys that play guitar” Mario Maccaferri Guitar. The magazine for all guitarists George Clinton January 1976
Volume 4, No 6 / Pages 18,19, 20, 21, 22
Strictly Instrumental Jazz Journal Dave Gelly November 1978
Volume 31 No. 11 / Page 17
Maccaferri & Selmer: Technical Reference Manual Pickin’ George Gruhn March 1979
Number 10 / Pages 47, 48
Guitar. The magazine for all guitarists
February 1979
Mario Maccaferri is Alive and Well and Living in New York!
Vintage Guitar Bulletin
Michael Dresdner October 1982 Pages 4-7
Mario Maccaferri: Feisty as Ever American Lutherie Michael Dresdner June 1985
Vol #2, Pages 32, 33, 34 and 37
Premiata Liuteria American Lutherie Mario Maccaferri 1986
Pages 256-257
Innovation & Artistry Mario Maccaferri Guitar Player George Gruhn and Dan Forte February 1986
Pages 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 82
Innovations from Maccaferri Classical Guitar 7, no. 12 Colin Cooper August 1989 Pages 45-47
90th Birthday Announcement Classical Guitar Unknown May 1990
A visit with John Monteleone guitarmaker Dick Boak 1990
Number 8 / Pages 5, 6, 7
Living Legend Acoustic Guitar Dick Boak March/April 1992
Pages 51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 57, 58
An Unabridged Visit with Mario Maccaferri guitarmaker Dick Boak 1992
Number 15 / Pages 26, 27, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47
Maccaferri Revisited guitarmaker Paul Hostetler 1992 Number 17 / Page 15
In Memorium[Memoriam] American Lutherie 35 John Monteleone 1993 Page 63-64
Obituary Mario Maccaferri Classical Guitar Maurice J. Summerfield June 1993 Page 25
A Tribute to Mario Maccaferri, Transcribed from his tribute at Symposium ’93 Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA) Michael Dresdner 1993 Page 38, 40
Selmer History Django’s Guitars
Vintage Gallery: Collectible Guitars & Amps

François Charle

April 1994 Pages 50-58
Different Strummer, The Guitars of Mario Maccaferri Part 1 Vintage Guitar Magazine Michael Wright March 1995 Pages 20-23
Different Strummer, The Guitars of Mario Maccaferri Part 2 Fantastic Plastics Vintage Guitar Magazine Michael Wright April 1995 Page 20, 23, 24
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The Plastic Ukulele and Guitar. Experimental Musical Instruments 12, no. 1 Cary Clements September 1996 Page 38-40
Reinventing Maccaferri Guitarmaker 45 Michael Dunn Fall 2002 Pages 23-24
Selmer/Maccaferri Soundboard Design. Guitarmaker 45 Paul Shelasky Fall 2002 Page 28



Article Name Writer Date
Greenwich Symphony Concertmaster to Showcase Plastic Violin Greenwich Times John S. Sweeney March 5, 1990
Violinist Gives Recital Using Instrument Made of Plastic Sunday New Times Allan Kozinn March 11, 1990
Plastic Violin Makes Debut The Saturday Windsor Star Alisa Priddle March 24, 1990
The Maccaferri Legacy Lives On The Jackson Sun Jacque Hillman March 7, 2004


Links of Interest

National Music Museum

Detailed images and information on several plastic instruments.

A brief but unique tribute from Mario’s nephew Alessando(Sandro).  A talented luthier in his own right.


Mario Maccaferri (1900 – 1993)

Mario Maccaferri’s extraordinary life could (and, I believe, will) fill a book; here is but a brief glance

Some background and observations about the main Selmer six-string guitar models


American Musical Instrument Society-Daniel Wheeldon

Mario Maccaferri: An Interview with John Monteleone (Part One)

Mario Maccaferri: An Interview with John Monteleone (Part Two)

Mario Maccaferri: An Interview with John Monteleone (Part Three)

Plastic Hall of Fame

Inducted 1996

Mario Maccaferri


Mario Maccaferris Plastic Inventions-Paul Hostetter


A brief biography of Mario Maccaferri… by Ukester Brown


Plastic Ukulele Images Collection

Clothespins, Castanets and Nine Million Ukuleles – Mario Maccaferri and the Plastic Uke

“Mario Maccaferri’s Styron Revolution: Alternative Materials for Stringed Instruments,”

Sheets, Arian. National Music Museum Newsletter, vol. 37: 2 (August 2010).