Musical Instrument Museum-Phoenix, Arizona

Musical Instrument Museum Phoenix, Arizona

On Display as of August 2021:

Maccaferri G40 Guitar on display in the John and Joan D’Addario Orientation Gallery

CSL Gypsy Guitar on Loan from John Jorgenson

The Maccaferri G40 Plastic guitar is part of a larger display in the  John and Joan D’Addario Orientation Gallery.  The gallery is directly past the main entrance to the museum.  


C. D’Addario & Son was the OEM manufacturer for all Mastro Stringed instruments.  Including nylon strings for Islander Ukulele and steel strings for the plastic guitars

“The Gypsy” guitar pictured here is on display in the upper gallery of the museum.

According to the placard it is on loan from John Jorgenson.

The model is described as “The Gypsy” by CSL.  However, this looks to be a Mac10 produced from 1979-1983.  “The Gypsy” model was an earlier version produced in the mid 1970’s by CSL.

The model on display has open tuners vs the Selmer replica closed tuners of the mid 70’s models.  This model is built without a zero fret.  Both features of the MAC10 model.  Unfortunately when these photographs were taking in August of 2021 no label or serial number was captured.  The label inside a MAC10 would include a signatures, serial number and Month/Year date.

While no specific factory is mentioned.  The city in Japan on the placard is home to FujiGen.  A manufacturer that produced guitars for CSL, Ibanez and others.