Maccaferri Reeds

In 1935 Mario Maccaferri opened MASIM in Paris France.  The company was established to manufacture reeds for clarinets and saxophones and quickly became an international success with distribution in the United States.

As fighting intensified during World War II, the Maccaferris and their infant daughter Eliane, departed Europe to establish a new business in America.

In 1939 the machines were shipped from Paris to New York and French American Reeds Manufacturing Company was born

Isovibrant Reeds

Slant cuts across the fibers of the world’s finest French cane, Isovibrant’s cut allows the reed tip to vibrate equally, so it will not tend to close on the mouthpiece.  It produces rich and pure tone.

My Masterpiece Reeds

The Masterpiece Reed offers the finest response, sweetest and most powerful tone throughout the instrument range. The Reed for the most demanding musicians.

Populaire Reeds

The priced-to-move Populaire is made of authentic French cane and by the same high precision method.  Populaire is also an outstanding reed for tru tone quality.

Miracle Plastic Reed

Miracle Reed-The reed man’s dream come true.  The Miracle Reed offers beautiful tone brilliancy and perfect intonation. Its outstanding performance is due to the patented vibro-dynamic feature which allows the reed’s central portion to vibrate freely while sides hold firm on the mouthpiece walls.

Futurity Plastic Reed

Moisture proof and highly durable, the Futurity Reed delivers quick response , clear tone and pitch through full power.

Stereo Reed

Stereo Reeds are surface treated with a special coating which soaks into the tubular structure of the cane, thereby making it saliva-resistant. Stereo reeds will not get soggy.


The Maccaferri Reed-O-Meter enables musicians to select desired reeds strength before purchasing.  A lightweight precision instrument, it provides instant at-a-glance reading of all reeds strengths from Eb Clarinet to Baritone Sax

Nylon Mouthpieces

Maccaferri Mouthpieces

with the new By-Matic Ligature and Air Vent Protective Cap.

The most advanced mouthpiece made today. Complete, costs not more than standard, old style types.  Made of Nylon, the miracle material, which has stability and toughness, and possesses excellent resonant qualities.

Scientifically designed to give superior tonal quality, full centered tone, control in the upper and lower register, flexibility and free-blowing.

Made in 3 popular facings: Closed, Medium, Open.

Bb Clarinet, Alto Sax, and Tenor Sax